Educational Leadership and Management MBA

BGI offers a graduate program in Educational Leadership and Management. Embarking on this course gives a strong message to the employers that you are a committed person and you have leadership capabilities. BGI has tailored this program with academic studies and practical experience that sharpens your business, organizational and management skills and takes your these abilities to an advanced level.

BGI’s graduate program in educational leadership and management is a key to give you a push in your career, and that is beneficial for the candidate and the organization. Let’ discuss some distinguish attributes of this program.


Relevant Subjects

The beauty of BGI’s MBA in Educational Leadership and Management is that the courses are extremely relevant and integral to the said field. So you’re not gonna find us talking about how to do a podcast about Disney World or how to market dole whip shirts. It does not matter whether you work in the in the USA or you work overseas. All the courses are relevant to the field and are developed according to the international standard.

The courses prepare the students for every type of job, whether you are working as a leader or manager in the company or you are teaching, the courses will cover all the areas comprehensively.

Distinguish attributes of the Course

If you are enrolled in BGI’s Educational Leadership and Management MBA program, then you shall be doing the following activities:

  • Learning the developments, changes and challenges in the education and business sectors.
  • You shall be taught and will be trained practically with the help of a professional team from the industry experts.
  • You shall get an opportunity to interact and work with the top class leaders in the industry. The BGI arranges collaborative programs with the industry pioneers and provides an opportunity to the students to interact with them.
  • BGI makes an arrangement for the students to interact with students of other universities in the same field to learn the new cultures and new ways of studies.
  • BGI offers study tours to the other schools and universities in the remote areas of the country to provide more exposure to the course.
  • BGI provides an opportunity to work with the professionals from different backgrounds and from different countries. In this way, students learn about the educational leadership and management with an international prospect.
  • BGI offers career counseling to the students through best counselors.


Who can enroll in the Course?

As it is clear from the course name, this course focuses mainly on the education and business sectors. Teachers, principals, lecturers, deans, business leaders, managers, specialists, and entrepreneurs can enhance their skills and qualifications by enrolling this program. In short, this MBA is aimed at the educational and business leaders.


What is a general outline of the course?

You shall study the following modules:

  •         Strategy
  •         Business Planning
  •         Leading and Managing Change
  •         Learning from management and practice
  •         Marketing Management
  •         Research and Enquiry Methods
  •         The Dissertation


What is my Future Prospect?

You can easily enhance your managerial, leadership, and teaching skills, and you can choose a specialization.


Why should I Choose BGI for this Program?

Well, the simple answer to your question is that BGI is a dedicated institution for the business studies. BGI has developed a strong and tangible pool that is only providing business studies from more than 25 years. If you choose BGI, then you’ll become an innovative, competent, optimist and a successful leader.

Code of Ethical Practice and Values

The Bainbridge Graduate Institute lives by its Code of Ethical Practice and Values. This is the standard by which all students and faculty must adhere to. The Code of Ethical Practice and Values guides the everyday life of all in the Institute.

The Code of Ethical Practice and Values ensures that Bainbridge Graduate Institute acts with integrity, a valuable but rare characteristic these days. Aside from integrity, everyone must show respect towards each other.

The Code of Ethical Practice and Values encourages all within the Institute to treat everyone fairly and equally. The Institute does not discriminate regardless of race, creed, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. Everyone, including people with disabilities, must be treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness.

The Code also ensures that everyone receives the same quality of service. The Institute makes sure that the needs of each person within the institution must be addressed provided those needs are justifiable and reasonable. The same goes with the interests of each person within the Institute.

The Institute also values education and excellence. They encourage students to strive for it. For this reason, the Institute encourages their students to join organizations that would promote their well-being and develop their skills.

The Institute also requires its faculty to act professionally not only towards their colleagues but also towards their students. This is the responsibility of the faculty in order to impart this value to the students. The faculty and staff must also address and help resolve any conflict that may arise. The Institute understands that unresolved conflicts could interfere and strain relationships. Therefore, any conflict should be addressed immediately and acted upon before they become full-blown.

All of these guides the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at all times. The Institute prides itself on its high standard; thus, they encourage students and faculty to protect and safeguard them at all times. Even visitors are advised to adhere to the Code of Ethical Practice and Values when they are inside the premises of the Institute. This is to ensure that the integrity and dignity of the Institute are upheld at all times.

Adhering to the Code of Ethical Practice and Values would make life within the Institute better for everyone. The Code was created so that daily life within the Institute goes well and with as few disruptions as possible. The Code governs the actions of everyone to maintain a degree of professionalism with the faculty and staff, who are seen as the primary models of the Institute. It is also something the students can emulate.

Any other policy or practice that could help in developing Bainbridge Graduate Institute as a prime learning institution is appreciated. They welcome any suggestions that will maintain the high standard they have been known for.