How Podcasts Are Changing Business

A podcast is a set of digital audio files that available on the internet. Podcasting is disturbing of audio files over the internet. Over the past few years, podcasting has really taken off. This is mainly because podcast allows more

apture time unlike when you read or watch something, you listen to the podcast that allows you better concentration.

Podcasting gives small businesses an easy and cheap advertising tool. Video marketing is an important tool for businesses, but the small business may not afford to pay for video shoots. Therefore podcasting has become a vital marketing tool for small businesses.


Podcasting Has Several Benefits For Businesses

  • Increased reach – using podcasts businesses now able to increase their business traffic and reach more potential clients. If the clients who listen to the podcast like it they are more likely to refer other which can help the business grow fast.


  • Build a better relationship with clients – a podcast is a one-sided medium, however, regular listeners develop a sense of identity with the business brand and speaker. This relationship builds trust in the brand.


  • Easy to create podcasts – creating a podcast requires easily available equipment like a microphone and headphones. A podcast allows the business owner to promote their brand to a larger audience.


How To Be Successful in Podcasting

  • Audience selection – podcast content should be designed with a target audience in mind. This will ensure that the message in the podcast applies to the target group.


  • Provide value – the podcast content should not be more of a sales pitch. A good podcast will add value to the listener and encourage conversation.


  • Build a community – podcasts allow business to maintain and grow their target market to ensure their brand is ever growing.


  • Passion – podcast listener is drawn to listening to podcasts where the speaker talks with enthusiasm and passionate. This makes listeners more likely to subscribe to the podcast.


A great example of a business that is using podcasting to create an audience and customer base that loves them is Capture The Magic. They sell Disney related shirts and make what they calim to be the best back pack for your Disney trip but they also started a Disneyworld rumors, news and information podcast. This helps people plan for their next trip as they have been going for a long time so they have a lot of information to provide to listeners and in return their audience and reach has grown and helped spark more sales each month.

This same formula could be implemented in just about any industry out there today. Whether it be fitness, real estate, marketing, recycling and more. The possibilities are endless, the only thing you need to have is some creativity to bring a fresh take to your subject, a passion for it and a plan of how it will be implemented in the overall scheme of your business. The time is now so jump on this trend and be ahead of the curve as more and more businesses are going to be using this method in the next decade.

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